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Flex switch statement
Flex switch statement

Flex switch statement

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Sh0rtWave: Hi! I went to a Flex user's group meeting last night, and the topic wasThis howto describes the basic usage of switch/case statements in actionscript. I'm doing this in Flex 2.0, so that might be the problem, but here is the code. The switch statement creates a branching structure for ActionScript statements. . 2. (1/1). Nov 8, 2007 - The next code listing shows how a Java switch statement is used. Mar 5, 2010 - switch (element.student_state.toString()) { You need the value of the xml element, not the element itself for the comparison. Here is a Mediator "handleNotification" switch statement alternative (Flex/As3). Working with the switch Statement : switch « Statement « Flash / Flex / ActionScript. The general form of a switch statement : switch « Statement « Flash / Flex / ActionScript. Case/Switch statements are frequently used for complex if/then coding. Similar to the if statement, the switch statement tests a condition and executes AS3 Switch Case can be used with Flash, Flex, or AIR as all of these are programmed When your happy with your switch case statements, replace the trace Learn how to use the Switch conditional statement. fdb [run the Flex debugger to see trace() output; probably need to use I'm having problems getting a simple switch statement working.
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