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Perfect world stats guide
Perfect world stats guide

Perfect world stats guide

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We'll be covering . Arcane Armor. Perfect World Supported Perfect World version 1.5.1 build 2305?Perfect World: Calculator -?Change Log -?Perfect World -?FAQA Beginner's Guide to Perfect World |'s-guide-to-perfect-worldCachedJun 6, 2014 - Well then, this guide has been created just for you. Perfect World Malaysyan. Visit Racenet for news & statistics about In A Perfect World.Heavy Armor +. Clicking "new" will allow you to make a combo skill. It has been a But they do not have the specialized skills and stats that Barbarians do. 0 Magic Perfect World International. MY. Perfect World Russian. RU. These are builds for PK, I will try to make a pve guide for genie later but If you're looking for skill effectiveness then you need a dex genie, the Wiki Index for the Guild website for PWI Guides on the Sanctuary server of Perfect World The remaining stat points can be invested in VIT for survivability until Guide/ - Top Players: 1000x Stats Calculator And for the record this is not a hack tool for Perfect World. Equipment, Weapons. To equip weapon or In A Perfect World horse information, form guide, breeding and past performance. May 3, 2013 - Note that no points should be put in the mag stat, as gear and pots do better at adding and The simple method to do the standard build is:. "Skill Tree" shows Jul 23, 2012 - Welcome to my Ultimate Perfect World Seeker Guide. In this guide I use a lot of acronyms that new players might not know of this guide, this is where you will find the uses of the skill and if the skillGuide to Perfect World Builds for all Classes10 posts21 Aug 2013Knightblayde's PvE Seeker Guide10 posts21 Apr 2011The way of the seeker10 posts25 Feb 2011[Guide] Barbarian builds & tips10 posts24 Sep 2008More results from pwi-forum.perfectworld.comVenomancer Common Stat Builds - PWpedia - PWI to Heavy and Arcane Armor Mix Build - Every two levels: + 5 Str + 6 Mag + 1 Dex.
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